This section has been  built to benefit the researchers, professionals, students and general people with information about varies issues on engineering, finance, politics, environmental issues, urban/ rural planning, heath sector and other  concerning issues of Bangladesh. Newspaper references, Editorial, Thesis/ Report, Journal/Seminar paper on various issues of Bangladesh have been compiled here from different sources. Though the main focus has been given on development issues, key news, events, various problems of Bangladesh but related articles, news and events in respect of the other countries of the world  with the concerning prospects of Bangladesh have been also provided here. Furthermore, the important policies, acts, plans of Bangladesh have been included in this section.

1. Archaeology and Heritage sites of Bangladesh
Heritage Sites                                                                       Tourism                                                                                            
2. Architecture around the World

3. Construction Failure
4. Constructions in Bangladesh
5. Environmental Issues and Disaster Management
Climate Change
Disaster Management
Earthquake Management
Environmental Issues
Flood Management
6. Housing and Real Estate
7. Land Management
8. Miscellaneous Issues of Dhaka City
9. Open Space
10. Public Private Partnership
11. Rural Development 

12. Transportation
Road Transport
13. Urban Planning
14. Waste Management
Drainage System
Solid Waste Management                                                                                                                         15. Water Resource Management
River Resources
16. World Wonders
17. Policy/Act/Plan
18. Important Web Links