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  • Updated Bangladesh National Building Code – BNBC (Part-4)

Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) was first drafted in 1993 but not formally reviewed and updated. Since then, major changes have taken place in every discipline of the Building technology. To make this code time worthy, Ministry of Housing and Public Works formed a steering committee with the responsibility of Updating BNBC 1993 by a G.O. having circular no. Section 8/IM-5/93(part) 812 (28) date:15.09.2008. The Housing and Building Research Institute (HBRI) has been entrusted with thetask of providing secretarial service to the steering committee and managing the implementation of the project. In response to the Request for Proposal (RFP) from HBRI,Bureau of Research, Testing and Consultation (BRTC) of Bangladesh University ofEngineering and Technology (BUET) submitted Technical and Financial proposals for updating the code. Consequently an agreement was signed between HBRI and BRTC on the15th of December, 2009 giving the task of updating the Code to BRTC, BUET. In this regard, An Inception Report to update the BNBC has already been approved by the concerned authority.

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Report with Recommendations for Updated BNBC Part 4

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